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The Tibeto-Burman Bibliography

There are two versions of the bibliography, one sorted by language name, and one sorted by author's name.  Click on the links below for the one you think will be most useful for you (it will open in a new window in case you want to come back and open the other one as well). If you are an author yourself, please check the entries under your name. Corrections and additions would be most appreciated.

In the bibliography sorted by language name, certain choices about which language name to use for the heading had to be made. Click the link below (or on the biblography web page) for a list of names not used as headers, and their equivalent terms which were used as headers. Please use the latter in searching for the languages you are interested in. Some of the larger languages have sub-headings for dialect, such as "Tibetan, Lhasa" and "Tibetan, Amdo".  There is also a general language name category, e.g.  "Tibetan", for articles that cover more than one dialect or time period.  When looking for sources of a non-linguistic nature (anthropological, historical), or for books that cover several language families (e.g. areal studies) check the category "general".  Be sure also to check the categories "Sino-Tibetan" and "Tibeto-Burman" for reference books with articles on many languages in the family.  For the many names of Tibeto-Burman languages and language groups, see James A.Matisoff's Languages and Dialects of Tibeto-Burman (STEDT Monograph Series #2,  Berkeley: Center for Southeast Asia Studies, University of California, 1996).

At present there are no links for downloading the papers or accessing the authors' personal web pages, but there are some on the specialized bibliography, Academic Papers on the Rawang, Dulong, and Anong Languages and People, and on my personal page.

This bibliography contains over 2,600 items, but is by no means complete; it is just my personal set of references. Much is owed to Frank Huffman's Bibliography and index of mainland Southeast Asian languages and linguistics (New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 1986), particularly for many of the more obscure references and many of the notes which follow the references in brackets. See also Robert Shafer's Bibliography of Sino-Tibetan Languages (Wiesbaden, Otto Harrassowitz, Vol. l, 1957, Vol. 2, 1963--items marked "BSTL" are from this source), Austin Hale's Research on Tibeto-Burman languages (Trends in Linguistics, State of the Art Report 14, New York, Mouton, 1982--items marked "RTBL" are from this source), the Bibliography of the Papers from the International Conferences on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, by Randy J. LaPolla & John B. Lowe (STEDT Monograph Series, No. 1, Second edition, including conferences I-XXV, 1994), and among on-line resources, the STEDT bibliography, the index of Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, John Peterson's South Asia Bibliography's Tibeto-Burman section, the Akha bibliography, The Tibetan Dialects Project bibliography, the SIL bibliography, and the Lepcha bibliography.

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