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As this site is currently in its testing phase, we would appreciate it very much if you could let us know if you encounter any bugs or if there are any difficulties using the site. Simply drop us a message via the Contact tab in the links above.

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7 August 2014: Site testing in progress

This web site is still a work in progress. The goal of the site is to make available information on the languages and cultures of the Rawang, Dulong, and Anong peoples. There are three parts to this site: the General Dialect Map, the Feature Distribution Maps, and the comparative information.

The General Dialect Map is for seeing the geographic distribution of the dialects, and for making information about each language/dialect on the map easily available. Right now only Northern Dulongjiang is fully active. Unlike the links given in the left frame of the window, these links are specific to one particular language/dialect.

The Feature Distribution Maps, when they are completed, will give the geographic spread of various cultural or linguistic features that vary in the group, such as tone systems and other phonetic features, and relational marking.

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