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Useful Links on Tibeto-Burman Languages and Other Aspects of Linguistics and Anthropology

General Tibeto-Burman | China | Nepal | Tibet | India | Burma | Bhutan | Thailand | Endangered languages | Maps | Fonts and software | Other linguistics organisations and discussion lists | Historical linguistics | Typology | Linguistics books and journals | Teaching linguistics | Others

General Tibeto-Burman
The Language Gulper: Tibeto-Burman
Digital Himalaya
Bangani Page
Britannica Search: Tibeto-Burman
STEDT Home Page
Tibeto-Burman Languages Page
Asia Society
Kenneth and Margaret Landon Southeast Asia Collection Travel Grant Application

Tujia Language & Culture website (broken)

Map of Ethnic groups of Nepal (broken)
Nepal Home Page
Belhare (broken)
Chantyal (broken)
Michael Noonan's Homepage (broken)

Tibetan Language
Tibet Online - Tibetan language
Tibetan Language Institute Website
FAQs about the Tibetan Language by Choki Nyima (broken)
Wordbridge Tibetan Language Audio Guide (broken)
Links to Tibetan computer software (broken)
Places to study the Tibetan language (broken)
The Tibetan Language School of Sichuan Province (broken)
Tibetan Language Kit - XenoType Technologies
The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Central Institute of Indian Languages - House with a Multivision

The Arakan Society (broken)

The Kingdom Of Bhutan
NIC (broken)

The Akha Heritage Foundation: Welcome
Thai Language Page
Survival Thai Phrases

Endangered Languages
Handout on Endangered Languages (broken)
The Project for the Documentation of the Languages of Mesoamerica (PDLMA) at SUNY Albany
The Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania
The Oxford Text Archive
LACITO (Langues et Civilisations à Tradition Orale) at CNRS, Paris
Foundation for Endangered Languages: Ogmios Newsletter
Gesellschaft für bedrohte Sprachen
Endangered Languages
Australian Indigenous languages

Map of Ethnic groups of Nepal (broken)
Index of /Libs/PCL/Map_collection/map_sites/
Index of /Libs/PCL/Map_collection/historical/

Fonts and software
The FrameNet Project
DV.COM > How To > Road Warrior Video (broken)
Q96076 - SYMBOL Field Affects Word Wrapping and Nonbreaking Characters (broken)
GIF image 600x680 pixels
FontLab Developers Group - Typography Tools and Technologies
Unicode Home Page
The Chomskybot
Wired 8.05: Universal Translators

Other linguistics organisations and discussion lists
SIL Home Page
Hong Kong Anthropological Society Home Page
ACL-2000 Main Page
Journal of Chinese Linguistics
International Phonetic Association
LSA Home Page
Open Directory - Society: Philosophy: Philosophy of Language: Pragmatics
Role and Reference Grammar
Systemic Functional Linguistics

Historical linguistics
Linguistics: Historical Linguistics

Association for Linguistic Typology
A Web of On-line Dictionaries and Grammars
Numeral Systems of the World
Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database
Encyclopedia of Linguistics List of Entries by Subject
Linguistics Web Sites in Japan
Encyclopedia of Linguistics

Linguistics books and journals
Indian Books from K. K. Agencies, a comprehensive coverage on all subjects.
Blackwell's Online Bookshop
LINCOM EUROPA - The World of Science
The Cambridge Academic Book Sale
John Benjamins Publishing Company
University of California Press Electronic Editions
Edinburgh University Press Home Page
Walter de Gruyter
Linguistics Abstracts Online - Homepage
UMI: Online Dissertation Services

Teaching Linguistics
SFL Teaching Around the Globe
Spectrogram Reading
The Little Red Book for Stanford Linguists
Linguistic Fun (broken)
LSA What is Linguistics

Trung-English-Chinese Dictionary
Systemic Functional Linguistics Room
APPLES - Applied Language Studies
All Experts (advice) (broken)
What a load of codswalop (broken)
WISDOM AuthorBase Profile of creative people
Yahoo! Social Science:Linguistics and Human Languages
Linguistics Web Sites in Japan
Yamada Language Center
Britannica Internet Guide (broken)
Scott DeLancey Linguistics Homepage
Language Software Reviews
Linguistic Enterprises: Private-Sector Employment for Linguists (broken)

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